Prayer Group:

Wednesdays are a special time at CMC. Mothers of the church and local community members gather to read scripture and pray together. This is the strongest ongoing ministry of CMC. It is lead by Mrs. Martha Stinyard who has been a member of CMC for more than 30 years.

This gathering of women is a pillar of our church, as their prayers for the church, community, leaders and so much more keep us all lifted up before our God. These women are faithful and love the LORD. Their prayers are genuine and are often sought out by others.

All are welcomed to join this group and bask in the wisdom of these fine women of God.


CMELC (Community Mennonite Early Learning Center):

For over 50 years Community Mennonite Early Learning Center has been a mission of the church to provide high quality child care for the community. To that end  CMELC has become nationally accredited  and achieved the gold circle of quality with the State of Illinois.  For further information go to our web site at


NA Group: 

The Narcotics Anonymous Group is lead by Phil Jackson a long serving member of CMC. Phil and four other faithful servants come weekly to the church to provide a safe space for recovering addicts. The leaders of the NA group have a consensus style of leadership in which all have a voice, and decisions are made by the group as a whole. The meetings are Saturday from 10:30 am to 12 noon. The 1st Saturday of the month is open to all, guest are welcomed and encouraged. The following  Saturdays are closed meetings specifically for addicts or for those who think they may have a drug problem.

Our mission to help any addict lose the desire to use drugs, and find a new way to live without the use of drugs


Worship Team:

Every Wednesday evening our worship team leaders gather together to study the lectionary text for the week and plan the weekly worship service. All are welcomed to come a share their thoughts and ideas.

This a wonderful time of fellowship and study.

The small group of men and women work together to try and structure a worship experience for our diverse congregation. The group is open to ideas and often feed off one another. The group is careful in our planning not to be to rigid in our approach as we expect the Holy Spirit to come in the worship service and take over our humble attempts to prepare the children of God for an encounter with the LORD.



Community Mennonite Church is spiritually grounded through the work of our Elders. This monthly gathering of spiritually mature individuals is designed to assist the pastor in addressing the various spiritual needs facing the church. The group also has the important task of working directly with the pastor on concerns and needs directly related to the pastor.


Leadership Team:

Community Mennonite Church is overseen by a group of individuals from our membership body. This group gathers monthly to address financial responsibilities and church life. The Leadership Team works on a consensus model of leadership. All participants of the 7-member team hold equal value in the group and strive to move with one voice for the health and wellbeing of the community. CMC is dedicated to making sure our Leadership Team is diverse and is a good representation of our church body. CMC is also dedicated to being a transparent church in which all major decisions of church life are brought before the entire church body.

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